Ergo is a general, open access philosophy journal accepting submissions on all philosophical topics and from all philosophical traditions. This includes, among other things: history of philosophy, work in both the analytic and continental traditions, as well as formal and empirically informed philosophy. Ergo is strongly committed to diversity and especially welcomes submissions from members of groups currently underrepresented in philosophy.

Submission and publication are free, and authors retain copyright under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 license. Generous support from the undergraduate departments of philosophy at the University of Toronto's St. George and Mississauga campuses and the University of Toronto's graduate department of philosophy make this arrangement possible.

Papers are published as they are accepted; there is no regular publication schedule.

Current Issue(s)

Epistemic Modality De Re

Seth Yalcin

Focusing on cases which involve binding into epistemic modals with definite descriptions and quantifiers, I raise some new problems for standard approaches to all of these expressions. The difficulties are resolved in a semantic framework that is dynamic in character. I close with a new class of problems about de re readings within the scope of modals.

Coming Soon

Constructing Contexts

Brett Sherman

The Problem of Forgotten Evidence: A Practical Approach

Sinan Dogramaci

Basic Problems of Haugeland's Phenomenology

Richard Matthew Shockey

In Defence of Historical Constructivism about Races

Esa Diaz-Leon

Subjective 'Ought'

Jennifer Carr

Partial Model Theory as Model Theory

Sebastian Lutz